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Determination, a passion for working with people and building brands, and a laser−like focus on achieving results. Define just a few of the characteristics of Kimberly Wright. She exhibits years of experience leading marketing, business development, communications, project management, and analytics.

As a branding & marketing consultant, Kimberly, has directed and conducted all aspects of marketing and brand communications, e.g., including complete brand refreshes, strategic planning, development and implementation of results−driven campaigns; as well as, on and offline reputation management, PR, and more. 


She also exhibits a proactive leadership style and dynamic relationship that enhances every type of enterprise.  Her innovative ideas, her ability to work with just about anyone, and her proactive work ethic give her the “know-how” to mold her client's visions into perfection. As a trailblazer and creative maverick, she believes that “opportunities are bound to materialize when we are open to each other's visions."




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What People Are saying about Her

"I highly recommend Ms. Wright to any company. She’s well organized, dependable, timely, trustworthy, and always demonstrates a positive attitude to her work. She does an excellent job of motivating others for optimum results. Additionally, Ms. Wright exhibits an upbeat and positive attitude and has been a “team player” in working with diverse personalities. She is well respected by everyone including our members, as well as, external and internal business partners."

J.Douglas Hollie / President of Northern California Chapter of the NFL Players Association


"As a freelance marketing consultant, she has brought so many innovative ideas to our organization.   She has designed, implemented, and orchestrated our marketing/communication division for the local chapter of the NFL Players Association. She’s very knowledgeable about marketing strategies and tactics. She also exhibits great warmth and rapport with our members. She has earned the respect of her colleagues and management through her exemplary hard work and attention-to-detail."

Honor Jackson / VP of Northern California Chapter of the NFL Players Association


"Ms. Wright is a self-starter who invariable understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset. She knows how to get it done expeditiously, efficiently, and effectively. During her time as Marketing Consultant, I cannot recall an instance which she missed a major deadline. She’s often brought projects in below budget and ahead of schedule."

Carolyn Trinta /  Head of Marketing Bright APPs


“Her exuberance and “attention-to-detail” is always exemplified by her “can do” attitude and “willingness” to work with a diversified number of other working professionals.  Throughout each instance, she can be relied upon as a major contributor who brings about “positive” results. Additionally, she goes through great lengths to “think outside of the box” on ideas that bring about efficiency and effectiveness. I’m glad to have her on my team."

Anthony Simmons / Executive Director of Pro Athlete Business Group


"Kimberly has been a GREAT help to me personally & my organization since day #1! Her ideas are revolutionary & her passion for what she does is very obvious. I will continue to work with & partner with her on MANY upcoming projects. She's a game-changer!!!"

Otis Amey / SF 49er Alum  | Motivational Speaker 


"Kimberly Wright is detailed-oriented and organized. She has produced great results for our organization and I highly recommend her Marketing, Sales and Organizing. "

Kevin Brown / Owner of Epiphany Sports Marketing


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Kimberly. I have found her to be a well grounded and down to earth business partner and colleague. She is a calculated risk taker, pragmatic leader and realist who seem to grasp ideas holistically while still taking note to the more acute details. I found this to be incredibly valuable in working with her, as it allows her (and for those who work with her) the ability to explore and understand nearly all-possible perspectives to an idea and its numerous applications. She is a hard worker and value creator in the truest sense.”

Paul D. Lee II / Training Manager Men's Warehouse


"Kim is a rare kind of visionary who can do it all – she can define a long-term strategy and then break it down to the day-to-day. I've met many outstanding people in my profession, yet I seldom come across someone who is so approachable and as down to earth as Kim. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with her. She is punctual, honest and delivers on exactly what is promised. Kim’s work exceeds my expectations. If you want to work with a true professional give her a call." 

Lisa Moret / Real Estate Professional


"Kimberly is a sharp, outgoing, professional. I have had several opportunities to collaborate with Kimberly, she is consistently ready to roll up her sleeves and "make it happen." I love Kimberly's can do work ethic, along with being extremely knowledgeable and compassionate, she is just a doll to work with."

Jena Domingue /Vice President Global Sales at WineDirect & Vin65


"Kimberly is a true dedicated professional. She is a pleasure to deal with and has always been courteous to myself and the other members of the Team. She is very patient and has a wonderful ability to articulate the most difficult processes. I enjoyed working with her and would be very happy to work alongside her again should the opportunity arise." 

Russell Compton / CTS-I, DMC-E 4K Lead Technician 

"I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Wright. She is by far one of the top consultants in the field. She knew her product, but more importantly she knew how to work with her people. She understood that we are in the people business and how well you do is determined by how well you work with your people."

Tamara Steele ESQ. / Founder of Evolve, GWCC


"Kim has always been punctual and highly organized. She's very good with people, has exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Ms. Wright would be a valuable asset to any organization."

Jon Anderson, MBA / Founder of


"Kimberly is an outstanding worker. She truly goes above and beyond to ensure that every project she's involved with has a precise plan and is well-organized. Kimberly also possesses superb marketing skills and can creatively combine her sales knowledge and expertise to produce steady results. Kimberly is one of a kind!" 

Asia Adell / Professional Golfer


"Kimberly is an extremely competent person, having excellent professional skills to help her clients with the best plan or plans to fit their objectives. I highly recommend Kimberly as the trusted adviser to businesses and individuals for personalized services."

Roger IVY / Independent Associate of Legal Shield